Yoga for me has been essential to maintaining pain free movement, which has enabled me to continue to train and achieve the fitness goals I regularly set myself. As a specialist in training the over 40s, I understand how important flexibility and mobility is to improve strength, fitness and overall health.
A DVD I released in 2018 entitled “Fit at 40 plus” provides a number of tools on improving overall conditioning and combines weight training with HIIT training and yoga.

Yoga and Gong Baths

I have had an unusual route to practicing yoga and gong baths. Having spent my teenage years as a champion Bodybuilder and Strength athlete, I started yoga to improve my conditioning and athleticism for The Gladiators. During this time, I won a number of competitions including achieving the World Record for lifting Dinnie Stones from the floor for the longest duration in 2019.

How Does a Sound Bath Work?

Everything in the universe has vibrations. This includes every cell in our body and vibrates at a particular frequency. Our bodies are made up of 70% water and as sound and vibrations travel through water in our body more effectively this promotes effective relaxation.

During a sound bath session, you lie down on a yoga mat with a comfy cushion under your head. Whilst focusing on your breath, the practitioner will produce a variety of sounds and vibrations from different instruments to help promote relaxation. The sounds wash over your mind and body to take you to a deeper state of consciousness. You unplug from external stimuli and enter the state of inner peace and harmony.

Several years ago, whilst travelling in Bali I went to a gong bath and was completely mesmerised. I felt such an incredible feeling of relaxation and stress leaving my body and saw an immediate improvement in my sleeping patterns. This has resulted in improving my overall health and well-being. Since these experiences, I started studying more around gong baths and other healing instruments and have been teaching them to others ever since.

What are the Benefits of Sound Bath?

Sound has proven to have healing effects on the mind as well as the body. A sound bath session can lead to reduced anxiety, tension and stress. They are great for insomnia and improved sleep.